What We Do

When it comes to caring for your kids, not every issue needs to include a trip to the doctor’s office. KidzDocNow is an easy-to-use app dedicated to providing children access to video visits from the comfort of home.

24/7 Pediatric Telemedicine

24/7 on-demand pediatric telemedicine treatment for Digestive Issues, Cold / Congestion / Flu, Newborn Concerns / Breastfeeding Issues, Skin Concerns, Prescription Refills and much more!

Emergency Room/Urgent Care Alternative

We partner with payors to offer pediatric telemedicine to their members as a better alternative to low acuity emergency or urgent care visits.

Why We Are Different

KidzDocNow Leads the Way in Pediatric Telemedicine

Every provider is a board-certified pediatrician or pediatric-trained advanced-practice provider. Your child will never be seen by an adult practitioner.
Our providers are experts in virtual care, and for most, KidzDocNow is a full time job.
We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are always here when you need us.

Parents Love KidzDocNow

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Our Partners

KidzDocNow delivers an exceptional medical experience for kids and parents, and we deliver high quality, low cost outcomes for health plans.

For Health Plans

Improve quality and reduce cost of care

Giving parents easy access to a pediatrician prevents unnecessary visits to the ER or urgent care

Our team is highly effective at preventing unnecessary ER and urgent care visits

For Parents

On-demand access to pediatric medical care

Care available 24/7/365

Avoid costly and unnecessary visits to the ER or urgent care